grey would be the color

That was worse than I remembered it being. But there were three actors who ended up on Six Feet Under and at one point Eric Balfour/Gabe Dimas licks Lauren Ambrose’s/Claire Fisher’s face. so that was amusing.

Finally done, THANK GOD. I have time for hobbies again! Though I should probably go to sleep soon. Eh.

NOPE. I’m going to re-watch Can’t Hardly Wait, start on a new crocheting project and keep chugging soda. This is the real party, man.

This job makes me wish there was some sort of fake kidnapping service that you could use to run away from your you could pay someone to “kidnap” you, and they’d take you to a motel room and you’d stay there, eating pizza and playing video games, until that assignment deadline, party you said you’d go to but don’t really want to attend, etc. had passed, and then they’d release you. Of course you’d probably need some kind of proof and it would be a huge risk for your captor(s), so maybe it would be better to fake some kind of medical problem. Like if I “sprained my shoulder” and my arm was in a sling, I wouldn’t be able to type right now.

Well, two minutes of audio left..which will probably take like 15 minutes. Agh. And then reviewing, which should take between 1 and 2 hours. And then I can do whatever the hell I want.

Pretty hungover, though I am thankfully past the puking phase and about ready to try to keep down something besides water. I have like three more of hours remaining on a job my boss needs by tonight, so I need to pull it together..right after I lie down a bit more. He wanted it as early today as possible, but he hasn’t e-mailed me about it, so I’m not too worried/don’t feel like an utter failure.

Anyway, we had my birthday party last night, and I was so stressed out from working on this super difficult rush job and spending my breaks making food, decorating, etc. that I wasn’t looking forward to it at all. It was a lot of fun, though, even if I did end up drinking waaaayyy too much. I got some cool presents..a lot of things to do/useful things — a jigsaw puzzle, yarn, three books, two felt posters with markers. Also made a movie and maybe dinner date with my sister and cousin for Wednesday, and talked to my boyfriend for a bit. He couldn’t talk for long as their deadline is at noon on Monday, and in order to meet it, they usually work for 24+ hours straight.

Alright..time for food and work.

I ordered an autographed copy (for $0.01, because apparently no one gives a fuck about Peter Bowler) of The Superior Person’s Book of Words (douche-y title, awesome book, if it’s anything like the follow-up — similar to The Devil’s Dictionary, but with more succinct definitions and only obscure words!) last night, and I think it might arrive on or before my birthday! WHOOO!

I ordered three other super cheap word books at the same time and they’ve already shipped as well. I should buy word books more often! Obviously, because they’re word books, but also because the people who sell them are apparently awesome.


At first I was just going to get the blue-eyed one because its eyes are really creepy, but I’m glad I got the pair; their eyes are almost equally creepy, and that fucking tongue, man..

I also got this pretty kick-ass dress..

..but I don’t know how much I’ll actually wear it, since it’s a bit too busty (or as busty as a dress CAN be on me) for my present tastes. This one is less revealing and a million times more awesome:

I’ve obviously been spending a lot of time in bed lately! I like being alone, which means hanging out in my room, so..yeah. I have three pillows, three books, a camera, a laptop, a water glass, vitamins, two shades of nail polish, all my craft supplies, a desk lamp and three changes of clothes within reach at all times — an ideal set-up. Like a non-lazy person’s desk. Also if I lie down with my head at the end of the bed, I can reach my cigarette rolling stuff without leaving it. But I have to go outside to smoke anyway and that is a lot of shit to climb over, so I usually just walk to it. I should probably clean my room today..

I took up crocheting again and finally learned how to crochet in the round. My first attempt at making something using that whole method was kind of pathetic, since I didn’t know how to increase properly.

So I had to start again from the second yellow round. It looks fine, now, though, and I’ll be done with it very soon.

It’s half of a pillow. I’m going to do the other half in different colors because I’m kind of sick of looking at these colors and I don’t think I could stand making a solid-colored one. figurines, “immodest” clothing, living in bed and yarn crafts. I feel old now.

The weather forecast for my birthday is AWESOME:

Okay, I wish the chance of rain was a lot higher, but it IS going to be overcast and really cool for August. I can’t remember it ever being anything but obscenely hot. And RAIN on my birthday? Oh my god.

Talked to my boyfriend tonight, and the apartment he told me actually right next door to the one his parents live in. Well, they’re more like *plexes/row houses. Anyway the owner bought it for use as a vacation rental, and he’s willing to rent it to us, but we’d have to clear out and stay in my boyfriend’s parents’ garage (which is dirty, cramped and has no windows, heat or air conditioning) whenever he wanted to rent it to someone else.

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Wow..the book sale was pathetic. It was just a few tables set up in the main part of the library and nothing but children’s books and modern novels. I got a free polar bear that was left over from the yard sale, though..image

..and I saw this..

image not a total waste of time and gas money? Eh.

Alright..I’m going to try to work for 3 hours tonight and either completely finish one deposition (transcribe and review it) or finish transcribing both depositions.

"I have just a few more questions.  I apologize."

Yeah, you should, you mumbling piece of shit.

Library book sale tomorrow! It’s the last day and I’ve never been to one at this particular library, but at every other one I’ve attended, they’ve charged $5 per bag on the last, should be fun!

Alright, more work.